Joyland av Said Sadiq

In the heart of the metropolitan yet conservative city of Lahore lives the Rana family, a lower middle class joint family comprising of the old patriarch, the elder son and pregnant wife with three daughters,
and the youngest son Haider and his wife Mumtaz.
As the Rana’s eagerly anticipate the birth of a baby boy to continue their family line, Haider secretly takes up a job as a background dancer at an erotic theatre where he is drawn to an ambitious trans
starlet, Biba. Slowly yet suddenly, Haider and Biba are engulfed in a secret summer romance which surreptitiously takes over his home, unraveling the dichotomy between desire and morality for the entire
Rana family.
We are introduced to a large Pakistani family, all living under one roof. One of the two brothers is expecting his fourth child, but unfortunately, it is yet another daughter. Now it’s up to the younger brother, Haider, married without children, to get a son that can carry on the family legacy. The differences between the two brothers are increased when the youngest gets a job in an erotic dance theater. There he falls in love with a transgender starlet, and complications ensue.
Joyland tackles sensitive topics such as patriarchal society, women designated to become babymakers, as well as homophobia and transphobia. It is an emotional and raw film, but also visually lively and beautiful. Pakistan has selected Joyland as its submission for best international feature at the Academy Awards 2023.
27. august 2023
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